A little of History

The Puig-Parahy's family

The Puig-Parahy's family

A little of history :

Since 1446, Etienne Parahy is known as the first owner of the vineyards.
This field, with the wire of alliances, will be increased or shared during those last six centuries, but it is especially with the arrival of the railroad that, during the 19th century, the culture of the vine will develop in an important way.
In 1878, the vineyard will be completely destroyed by “phylloxera”, in spite of the treatments. Therefore it will be necessary to sacrifice a property of more than 100 hectares to replant with courage and determination the 140 remaining hectares.
The quality of work and eagerness will be worth with the back grand father of George Puig to obtain several medals for its wines in 1893 and 1896 in Rouen and Paris.
In 1980, the current owner, George Puig , the son,  inherits the Castle, of  the vines of Fort Saint Pierre and Sant Lluc, as well as the farmhouse of Myseris. The land influence is assembled to more than 140 hectares.

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